Astra Crush Hard Seltzer

Price: $0.53/ozABV: 5%

Bubbly, juicy, bright, and sweet— Astra Crush is a beverage classic that dazzles the taste buds with bright orange flavor.

Astra Bomb Pop

Price: $0.52/ozABV: 5%

Brings you back to the good old days chasing down the ice cream truck to grab a popsicle. Astra Bomb Pop recalls those raspberry, cherry flavors of the all american summer treat.

Fruit Punch Sequel Seltzer

Price: $0.50/ozABV: 5%

A crisp seltzer with great fruit punch flavor


Price: $0.53/ozABV: 5%

Add a bit of pop to any occasion. Part of the RGBevs family of full-flavored Hard Craft Beverages, Bubbles is a refreshingly effervescent blend of peach, apple and cranberry. Clear light red color with little to no haze. Aromas of red apple, cranberry and peach are backed by moderate sweetness with a very mild acidity. The body is light, with moderate carbonation and lingering notes of apple and cranberry.

Classic Margarita

Price: $1.85/ozABV: 12%

Classic Margarita

Bulleit Manhattan

Price: $3.50/ozABV: 38%

There are five cocktails named for New York City’s boroughs, but the Manhattan wins on popularity. It’s a simple recipe that delivers subtle and deep flavors and the spicy taste of Bulleit Rye gives this classic cocktail a fresh twist.

Old Fashioned

Price: $3.50/ozABV: 32%

Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail, with Makers Mark Bourbon

Kraken Spiked Cider

Price: $1.35/ozABV: 12%

Rum based cocktail, with Apple Cider and Kraken Black Spiced Rum.