Waffle Sauce - Maple Pecan Ale

Price: $0.55/ozABV: 8%

Sweet Maple flavor & aroma, with a subtle pecan flavor on the finish

Breck Vanilla Porter

Price: $0.53/ozABV: 5%

Aromas of vanilla and toasted grain set the stage for mellow flavors of vanilla and dark roasted malts in this popular porter. Don't let its deep mahogany color fool you, this brew is packed with flavor, yet as smooth as they come.

10 TON Maple Pecan Pie

Price: $0.52/ozABV: 7%

The Industrial Revolution that forged Dayton, 0 was built on the backs of many. When the last drop of molten metal was cast, it was time to clock out and share a beer. 10 TON Maple Pecan Pie Stout. A spin on our award winning Oatmeal Stout with rich hints of coffee, maple, chocolate, pecans with a roasted finish. Time to clock out, then clock into a slice of pie in a can.

Warsteiner Dunkel

Price: $0.49/ozABV: 5%

A rich dark amber beer with full-flavored, smooth taste nicely accented with satisfying notes of roasted malt and subtle bottom fermenting yeast tones.